Question: What monarch is the main character in the TV series THE TUDORS?
Answer: Henry VIII
Question: Who invented the Chinese torture box?
Answer: Harry Houdini
Question: What US president did Forrest Gump not meet?
Answer: Eisenhower
Question: Who played the character of Edward Scissorhands?
Answer: Johnny Depp
Question: Which movie won an Oscar for best movie in 2008?
Answer: Slumdog Millionaire
Question: Which US State was Andrew, in the movie The Proposal, from?
Answer: Alaska
Question: How many people were part of the main cast of the hit tv show Friends?
Answer: 6
Question: With whom of the following was Michael Jackson married to?
Answer: Lisa Marie Presley
Question: The 2014 film Maleficent is based on which story?
Answer: Sleeping Beauty
Question: Who was Naruto’s first sensei?
Answer: Iruka Sensei
Question: In the title of the Beatles album, to which club do Sergeant Pepper’s band members belong?
Answer: Lonely Hearts
Question: What represents Green Lantern’s ring?
Answer: Willpower
Question: What is the official term for animated programs that originate in Japan?
Answer: Anime
Question: Who wrote the famous opera-rock song ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody’?
Answer: Freddie Mercury